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Written by Karen Ray, a Color Street Rep

A little bit about me

Hi there, my name is Karen. I live in Oregon with my husband and 4 kids. 2,4,7 and 10. We travel for my husband’s work and spend a lot of time in California. 

Our family also has some four-legged members. Callie is a mixed breed, but we think that she is a Min Pin mainly. We found her at Walmart as we saw her owner abandoned her. She really put our family together as we lost my 9-year-old Boston terrier due to health issues almost a year ago. We also have 3 bearded dragons. 

We are a very busy and active family. 

What is Color Street?

Color Street is 100% nail polish strips. There are no tools needed, no smudging, no chipping and no wait time. If you ask me that is perfect. Especially those that have kids. Not only is it convenient but the price is almost half of the traditional nail polish. 

Each set comes with 16 strips that you can do both hands and feet with. Depending on how your nails are, you may have to use 1 full strip. When I do my nails I file it down, that way I can use 1 strip for 2 nails. 

You can also use them on acrylic nails. I know some ladies don’t have the extra money to go get them filled so they use the Color Street nails to fill them. 

We have a variety of different colors and designs. Even kids can use them!

Why Color Street!?

The reason why I decided to start with Color Street is because I know that a lot of women are negative about themselves. Whether it’s because they gained weight, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. I thought maybe doing nails could cheer them up and help with any issues that the ladies I know have… Let me tell you, it has! I have gotten messages about how they are not as depressed and they go out of their house to show them off because they feel good about themselves, which is my goal. 

Host a party!

Let’s talk about half price and free items. Yes, this can happen! If you throw a party and qualify, depending on how much was bought, you can get half off and free items. The party is simple and you don’t have to do much besides inviting your family and friends. Everything else I do for you! It is a great way to reconnect with your friends in a fun way.

Have you thought about working from home? 

Become a Color Street Rep. The standard commission is 25%. If you sell more than $600 in a month you will get a 3% bonus on the first Wednesday of that following month. You can make up to 35% commission depending on how much you sell. 

The value for our starter kit is so amazing! $250 worth of product and business supplies for only $129! 

The History of Color Street?

Color Street launched in the USA on June 12, 2017, but the concept of the nail strip began many years ago. In 1984 a man by the name of Fa Park was on a New York City bus stuck in traffic. Mr. Park saw a woman in a cab trying to apply nail polish and he thought there HAD to be a better way to paint nails. He began experimenting and the end result is what we have today: a 100% nail polish strip that is dry on top but is still just wet enough on the bottom to adhere and last for up to 14 days!

More About Color Street

  • Base, color, and top coats of high-quality 100% real nail polish in each strip
  • Easy, one-step application that is instantly dry and long-lasting – up to 14 days!
  • Brilliant, salon-quality manicures in minutes
  • Convenient and travel-friendly tool-free application
  • No-drying time, smudges, or streaks
  • Easily removable with nail polish remover
  • Flexible – can be gently stretched for a perfect fit
  • Made in the USA with globally patented technology
  • Free of formaldehyde, DBP, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, and ethyl tosylamide.
  • Each set contains 16 double-ended strips, a nail file, and nail prep wipes. That’s enough strips for a full manicure & pedicure (and then some!)

Please come and join my Facebook group. I post in it daily. I post tips, games, and prizes every month or every time someone hosts a party whether you qualify or not.

You can shop my site, host a party or sign up to make money from home with Color Street.

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