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Written by Karen McAlpin

My Story

They say that being a mom is easy. Well, it can be hard at times, they make you happy, they can frustrate you, they can make you cry but I wouldn’t want to change a thing. After I found out I was pregnant with Rosemary I was scared because I couldn’t work or even help with our living situation. We made it work but it was soooooooooo hard! Being a mom of 4 and having an amazing, supportive fiance is fun!

One day I added someone on my facebook that I didn’t know. She was a friend of a friend. I was looking at her page and was like ”oh she promotes for Le-vel”. I thought that was cool since I use to promote it back in 2015. Not thinking much about it, I just followed her. Then one day I messaged her. I was just drained, upset, tired, and just wanted to be lazy. I told myself “I am done with this. I have been feeling this way too long”. So I finally reached out to this person and told her my situation and how I was feeling this way.  

She sent me the 3-steps samples. On day 1 I was so freaking ready to rock the world. I loved how I felt. I was feeling much better than I was beforehand. By day 3, I said I am going to become a promoter.

Our Products

What are the 3 steps? 1. Two capsules for either men or women. This is where all your vitamins are, giving you the energy and filling your nutritional gaps.

2. Shakes- THIS IS NOT A MEAL REPLACEMENT. This is pretty much to clean out your gut. Getting all toxins out of your system.

3. Premium Lifestyle DFT- It is a foam sticker that you put on your skin daily. I call it our wearable nutrition. It lasts for 12-24 hours. I recommend taking a shower before putting it on, as you want to put it on a clean and dry part of the skin. The sticker helps with appetite management, mental clarity, and nutrition support.

It only takes about 20-40 minutes in the morning and then you are good. I love that you can have all the energy without crashing. Most of us, at some point in our life, has had an energy drink and by mid-day, you get a big crash.  

By taking these 3 steps you will feel better! With no crash!

We also have a lot of Thrive Plus items such as different foam stickers that have different benefits. We have nutritional drinks for children, protein bars, soon we will have a wearable CBD sticker and we have an antioxidant drink that has ORAC in it. What is ORCA? Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity which helps with anti-aging.

We are also the only wellness program that has over 26 patented products and more in the works!

Why did I sign up as a promoter?

The way I felt and still feel is the same as of Day One. I want other people to feel the same way.

Yes the extra money (bonuses and challenges are a bonus.), but my main reason was to show everyone what these 3 steps have done to me and what it has done to improve me mentally, physically and emotionally. I have all this energy, I am able to do projects I wasn’t able to before, run around with the kids without getting worn out so fast, I sleep better (before I would only sleep 3-4 hours a day, now I get a full 7-9 hours), I am always happy and I look at things in a different way. I take that negativity out of my life and put the positive in. Why should I hold back everything that it has done for me?

Perks of Being a Promoter?- The first 14 days of becoming a promoter you can get a $660 bonus and a free iPad Mini to start your bonus. We have 400, 800, 1600, 2k, 4k, 8k, 12,100k, 200k and I have seen one person have 400k. So if you work hard you can make some good money. My team went to Punta Cana for a worldwide convention, there are also car bonuses as well as random bonuses. The company appreciates you and they will make sure you feel welcomed!

I want my kids to see that even though I am a stay at home mom that I can work and be successful! I push myself 100% each day because I know how this stuff works. I know what it has done for me and I have seen what it has done for others.

I want to help people. I have always been like this even when I was CNA 2 working in the hospital. I took care of my grandfather before he passed away and this is what made me a different person than the person I was in High School. I do what I do because I love the way I feel and I know I can help others!

Thrive Customers- You can thrive for free! All you have to do is refer 2 people and you can thrive! I am thriving for free already!

Thrive Promoters- There are lots of bonuses and challenges to get that extra money. Not only can you earn 660$ within your first 14 days but you can also win a free Mini iPad to help you with your business. I am on my way to being a VIP 800 then my Vip 4k!

Contact Me

Visit my site at https://lifewiththerays.thrive123.com. It will tell you everything from being a customer to getting paid as a promoter!

Would you like to try a 3 day Happy Pack?
My facebook is https://www.facebook.com/karen.mcalpin.509 or you can reach me via email at – kareray.thrive2.0@gmail.com.

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