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Mamas Talk Money Summit

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Mamas Talk Money Summit

Let’s face it, the world revolves around money. We all need it to live. In this day and age, we need it like we need food and water. Who couldn’t use more of it or get a little help on how we deal with it!?! I know I fall into both categories.

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That is where the Mamas Talk Money Summit comes in.

Starting October 21st through October 25th the Mama’s Talk Money will be a FREE virtual event with 43 different speakers. Speakers such as Rosemarie Groner from Busy Budgeter, Lauren Gruetman, Tiffany Aliche from The Budgetnista, Gina Horkey from Hornkey Handbook, and Brittney Castro from Financially Wise Women, plus many more.

Now, this just won’t be boring, fall asleep watching type of summit (I know I have attended to a few of those). You can participate in the summit in the Q& A chat and actually win prizes. Prizes such as books, courses, coaching, pampering gifts and more. Over $15,000 in giveaways are up for grabs.

Event Details

  • FREE to attend
  • 43 speakers
  • Over 35 hours of content
  • Speakers live in chat for Q&A
  • Each session is available for 48 hours after the release of the session
  • Special offers for attendees
  • Over $15,000 in giveaways


Monday 10/21 – Family and Finance
Tuesday 10/22 – Family and Finance
Wednesday 10/23 – Investing and Retirement
Thursday 10/24 – Career & Business
Friday 10/25 – Kids & Money

This will be summit will be jam-packed full of good advice….all for FREE. Check out the full line up.

Get it for free or should you upgrade? That is the question.

While this is a free event (yay), you can upgrade to the All-Access Pass (no obligation).

The free pass will give you access to all the speakers and their sessions. But for 48 hours only.

If you would like to go back and watch it whenever you would like, you would want to update to the All-Access Pass. It comes with lifetime access to the session plus videos.

The All-Access Pass also comes with lots of bonuses such as transcripts to each session, an MP3 of each session, a complete Mamas Talk Money Workbook, FOUR 90-minute follow-up group Q&A’s with Chelsea Brennan, the host of the summit, PLUS MORE.

If you are interested in upgrading-
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – $67 | October 7th-20th
AT-THE-DOOR – $87 | October 21st-25th
AFTER-PARTY – $117 | October 26th-November 3rd

What session are you looking forward to?

Hopefully, you will get a chance to join a session or two. I am looking forward to listening in on Rosemarie Groner talking about “How to Make Budgeting Manageable as a Hot Mess Mom” and Lauren Gruetman talking about “Turning Motherhood Into a Six-Figure Income”. Check out the Mamas Talk Money Summit page and let me know below what sessions you are hoping to catch. Don’t forget to register.

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