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Welcome to The Frugal Work at Home Mom’s corner of the internet – where saving money meets making money, and work at home dreams become a reality!

Hey there, I’m Traci, also known as mom. Alongside my husband, and our four wonderful kids (including my two bonus kiddos), I navigate the world of work from home opportunities and frugal living.

My goal in life was to have children and raise them myself. I know that isn’t for everyone but it is what I wanted. However, we need more than one income to get ahead.

My journey into the work at home realm started when I was expecting my son. My current job was in an office but they had some work at home positions available. I worked my way into one of those positions so I could stay home with my son. I had it all figured out and was so excited. 

Two weeks before my son was born, the company announced that they were doing away with the work at home positions and everyone had to return to the office. I was heartbroken. 

Determined to stay home with my little one, I decided to look into work from home options. What I found was that there are more scams than legitimate options out there. Ten years later, I’ve honed my knack for spotting scams and uncovering genuine opportunities, which I’m excited to share with you.

Before I was a mom, I was a coupon connoisseur – almost an “extreme couponer” like you’d see on TV. Though I’ve dialed it back a bit (hello, busy mom life! and moving to the boonies), I still hunt for bargains and freebies like it’s an Olympic sport. From sharing savvy shopping tips to highlighting frugal finds, my goal is to help you stretch every dollar further.

My blog and online store are a way I can help you and help me stay home with my family. My content does contain affiliate links. Which means I recommend that product. If you choose to purchase that product through my link, it won’t cost you anything extra. Just know, if I’m recommending something, you can bet it’s been tried and tested by yours truly or I have done a lot of research on the product and can confidently promote it.

So, welcome aboard! Take a look around, sign up for my email list, or connect with me on social media. Let’s turn your work at home aspirations into a reality, pad that savings account, and maybe even snag a few freebies along the way. Thanks for stopping by – I’m thrilled to have you here!

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