Christmas Planner

Christmas Planner

Do you want a stress free holiday season?

Do you want to get organize and get all those thoughts down down on paper?

Would like to see your to-do list checked off as the holidays get closer?

You NEED the Christmas Planner 2020

Why do you need the Christmas Planner 2020?

Organize your to-do list

With a monthly calendar for November and December, a weekly to-do list, and a priority list you will be able to write down all the things you need to get done. I know for me, if I write everything down and get it out of my head I am a lot less stressed.

Gift Planner

Nothing worse than getting to the store and forgetting what movie your husband wanted or which game your teenager has been begging you for. Or getting one child way more than others. True story- one year my mom barely bought me anything. She felt so bad and went out after Christmas and really spoiled me. I got three times what my sisters did because she felt so bad. Keep track of gift ideas and which gifts you bought.

Debt tracker

A detailed debt tracker will help you stay on track and focus paying off your debt.

Meal planner and grocery list

If your family is like mine you have a traditional menu for every holiday. You don’t want to forget your daughter’s favorite stuffing or your favorite dessert.

What is included?

  • Monthly Calendar- November and December
  • To-Do list- Weekly
  • Christmas Events
  • Christmas Eve Planner
  • Christmas Day Planner
  • Gift Planner
  • Shopping List
  • Christmas Card List- Mail and Email
  • Phone Call List
  • Decorations List
  • Christmas Eve Menu
  • Christmas Day Menu
  • Shopping List for Meals
  • Holiday Recipes Cards
  • Movies to See List
  • Music PlayList
  • Books to Read List
  • Traditions to Follow List
  • Notes

This is an instant downloadable digital product. Nothing will be shipped. Due to the fact this is a digital product, there are no refunds.