BC Stack: Dream Bundle for Blogging and Digital Marketing

There are many ways to make money online. New opportunities are popping up every day.

One of the fastest-growing trends is starting a business online. Be it a blog like I have started myself, a Direct Sales Business, a Virtual Assitant Agency, Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping, or making and selling your own goods.

No matter what it is that you might be looking into to make money, you will need some education. I am not talking about a college degree but some kind of training.

The best place to learn is from experts. People who have done it and have been successful. People who want to help others, not just to make money, although that is a perk, but to truly help others succeed.

Blogging and side hustles (apps, surveys, gigs, etc) are my way to make money. I have been doing it a while and some things I just taught myself, which is great and cheap, but it took me longer and I made a lot more mistakes than learning from experts.

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My Blogging Journey

When I first thought I wanted to start a blog it wasn’t actually to make money, it was to help others not get scammed. It took me 4 years to actually start my blog. I had no idea how to do it.

I did do a lot of research but I was still completely lost.

Then one day I found out about Ultimate Bundles Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. I purchased it as it was a collection of blogging courses and resources for a low price.

It was one of the best things I have ever done for my blog. It is where I met my favorite blogging educator, Suzi from Start a Mom Blog. Her courses range from teaching you how to pick your niche to how to start a blog and make money to how to create a course. Her signature course Blog By Number was included in the bundle. This course was a life changer.

I will purchase The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit every year to invest in my business and myself.

Last summer I found another company just like Ultimate Bundles. I was so excited to give them a try as well. And well, I wasn’t disappointed at all. I will also purchase this bundle every year.

You can see the list of products I purchased last year to get a feel of how awesome this deal is.

What is BC Stack!?!

Have you ever bought an online course or ebook? They can range from a few dollars to quite a few hundred dollars. The ones I normally am interested in run anywhere from $10-$300. This can add up quickly. But it doesn’t have to…

Dan & Rachel Morris run Blogging Concentrated and put out BC Stack.

Every year, they put together the ultimate resource on what’s working in digital marketing today by recruiting experts from all over the world.

And then they offer it for 1% of the normal retail price.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but I’m here to tell you that it’s VERY real and not a dream!

They do it by bundling together one massive “stack” of online trainings that cover everything from Content Strategy to Podcasting to Livestreaming.

  • If you’re done with googling around to try and find free business advice on the internet (this was me), sifting through the phonies, and you want to remove all the guesswork, trial & error, headaches, and expensive mistakes that come with trying to grow your online business by yourself.
  • If you’re ready to learn from vetted & approved experts that have been where you are and hustled their way to where you want to go and who only teach methods that are actually making them money in their own businesses.
  • If you’re looking to learn how to grow your audience (and your bank account) from 65 of the top digital marketing experts from around the world, and you’d like the chance to do it for less than the cost of a tank of gas (just $39!)…

This is one offer you do NOT want to miss.

Check out ALL the incredible trainings that Dan & Rachel gathered up and how you can get access now.

Here’s the catch. The doors to this offer open on June 9th and will close on June 14th at Midnight and then this “stack” of trainings will never be offered again.

So you don’t have much time to wait!!

BC Stack 2019 Fast Facts

  • Bundle available for purchase June 9th-14th, 2019
  • Over 65 digital products
  • Only $39
  • Access or download all products within 90 days

Product information- coming soon but a quick sneak peek… Amanda Robinson’s 4 Week Facebook Ads Live Course is $497 and you get to attend, ask questions, learn, to be part of the Facebook group when you buy BC Stack for only $39. And then, as you know, there are 64 other products. That’s just one. 

How to Maximize the Stack

Buying a bundle with so many resources can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Make a plan to get organized. Last year I made a folder on my computer and downloaded all things that could be downloaded into their own folder and made a list of everything to store website links, email addresses, user names, and passwords.

Even if I didn’t think I would need a resource, I downloaded it or signed up for it. For example, as of right now, I have no interest in starting a podcast, but a year from now, I might. I don’t want to regret not getting that course. If I don’t use it, it only took 5 minutes or less of my time to sign up and save it and it didn’t cost me anything extra.

Since I have now purchased two of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkits and am about to purchase this year’s BC Stack, which will be my second year, I have started to sort all my resources into their own folders. Such as Blogging Guides, Branding, Content, Growing an Audience, Guest Posting, Legal stuff, Mailing Lists, Monetization, Planners, SEO, Social Media, etc.

Trust me, much easier to sort it this way. When I am ready to work on training on a certain subject I just go to that folder and look at all my resources. Shortly I will be working on SEO training. It will all be at my fingertips.

Even if you don’t have a system as I do, make a system that works for you. You will thank yourself later.

Invest in your business, Invest in yourself

Here’s my honest recommendation to you…

Get your own digital marketing library and use it to grow your audience (and your bank account) this year! Join me and invest in your future.

Honestly, I don’t know of ANY other opportunity where such a tiny financial investment gives you access to such a MASSIVE wealth of digital marketing education.

Are you interested in being an affiliate for BC Stack? You can sign up too.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you purchased this year’s BC Stack and if so, what was your favorite product in this year’s stack.

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